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Faith can be a deterring factor for many of life’s problems and for quite a lot of people out there. In this world that can sometimes feel unceremoniously unjust, we will need to keep ourselves grounded. You don’t want to lose sight of the things that matter. We all face adversities at some point in our lives, whether they are big or small. Those adversities tend to have an impact on how we approach life from that point onwards. Thus it is very important to learn from our obstacles and channel the negative energy towards something positive. This is a concept that has been discussed heavily in the author’s book. Grab your copies today to learn more!


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T.Raheyyu Hope

T. Raheyyu Hope is a yearning creator with an inspirational personality. She is someone that has always looked at life and all its problems a little differently than others. This book has been years in the making as the author has wanted to compile a comprehensive, essential guide to life for her readers. She wants them to truly learn from their experiences and motivate them to move forward while enjoying life to the fullest extent.


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You Can’t So You Don’t

This book is for those who were told they can’t so they don’t aspire to move forward. Some feel like they are at an impasse in life. You feel invisible, unheard, and silenced by your doubts and/or because of negative feedback from someone in your life. This book will walk you through a part of T. Raheyyu Hope’s life! So, if you want to be inspired to say, Yes I Can! and have a positive mindset, then this is the book for you. Grab your copy today!

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You Can’t So You Don’t

The official trailer of You Can’t So You Don’t is finally here. Click the play icon now, to find out more about what inspired T. Raheyyu Hope to have penned down this beautifully written book.


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